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Top 5 Volleyball Drills For Kids

Updated: May 1, 2022

Volleyball is a fun, simple game that can help develop many fundamental movement skills. Finding the right balance between volleyball drills that keep the players entertained yet still allow kids to learn the necessary skills can be tricky

When coaching kids, especially those who are just learning to play volleyball, simplicity is key. The more time it takes a coach to set up the drill, the less time kids get to play the sport. Below, we will talk about what a drill is, what makes a drill good, and a few fun volleyball drills to help kids develop the necessary skills.

What is a drill?

A drill should provide the frequent repetition of skills necessary to progress through the stages of skill acquisition towards skill mastery. Coaches should use a variety of different drills across training sessions and training programs to ensure an athlete does not get bored and learns to use the skill in a variety of different situations.

What makes a good drill?

A good drill allows a kid to repeatedly practice skills that are found within the real game while progressively adding more variables as they improve. In the context of volleyball, introducing the basic skills such as setting, spiking, and digging in isolation is a great place to start before getting into more game-like drills.

When first introducing these drills to kids who have little experience playing volleyball, it is important to make modifications to help enforce proper technique. Using a foam ball or a beach ball is a great way to help players learn how to properly perform a skill without hurting themselves or making adjustments because the ball is too big or heavy for them. When playing modified versions of volleyball itself, using a badminton net can help develop proper spiking mechanics as the lower size will allow the players to jump over the net to hit the ball.


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5 great drills for improving volleyball skills

1. Spike And Catch

This simple yet enjoyable drill is a great option to help players develop their spiking skills.

How to set it up

Have players get in pairs and stand 2 meters apart.

Each pair should have a ball and be in an open space in the gym.

The player with the ball will start as the hitter (spiker) and the player without the ball will start as the catcher.

How it works

Have one player start by tossing the ball up to themselves and hitting it to their partner.

The partner catches the ball and does the same thing back.

Have each pair complete 10 repetitions while counting how many times they can spike and catch the ball without it hitting the ground.


Instead of having their partner catch the ball, have them try to control it by digging or setting.

Have players throw the ball up high, then jump in the air and hit the ball.

In groups of 3, have one player throw the ball up, the other hits it, and the 3rd catches it.

Players now practice hitting and catching over the net to each other.

2. Get Out Of Jail

This action-packed game helps kids work on serving the ball to different areas on the court.

How to set it up

Divide the team into two groups.

Place two cones on one half of the court about 3 meters from the net. The group that is serving will start by lining up behind the cones.

The other group starts on the other side of the court which will be called the "jail".

How it works

Servers start by using the serving technique of their choice to serve the ball over the net.

The catchers try to catch the balls that are served over. If the ball is caught, the server goes to jail.

If a catcher catches the ball, they are now free from jail and can go over to the serving side.

If the player serves the ball over the net and it is not caught, they are safe. they can collect their ball and go to the back of the line.

Keep going until there are 1 or 2 players left serving and everyone else is in jail.


Instead of performing a serve, players can throw the ball over into an open space.

Have players try a jump serve.

Instead of catching the ball as it comes over, catchers must dig or set the ball to get out of jail.

3. Coach Says

This drill is a great option to help teach kids the different areas on the volleyball court and how to get there quickly!

How to set it up

Use the volleyball court lines, serve lines and sidelines.

Divide the team in half and have each group line up along the service line on either side of the court.

How it works

The coach will start by yelling out a specific area on the court such as the net or the sideline

Players then have to run to the area that was called out

Once the players arrive, they have to do movement challenges such as 10-star jumps, 10 jumping jacks, or 5 skater jumps

Play each round for 3-4 minutes


Change the method of movement to skipping, hopping, or side shuffling

When the coach yells "stop", have the player try to freeze in their position

Only allow players to move in a shuffle after being in the ready position

4. The Numbers Game

This fun game looks and feels just like a mini volleyball tournament and is a sure-fire way to get kids to engage in gameplay!

How to set it up

Divide the group into 2 teams. Have each team make 3 equal lines on opposite sides of the court.

Give players on each team a number from 1-4.

How it works

The rules are the same as regular volleyball - 3 touches using digs, sets and spikes to get the ball over the net.

The coach will call out a number from 1-4. The group of players from each team who were given that number run out onto the court.

The coach throws a volleyball on the court and the players play out a rally until a point is scored.

After the rally is over, players go back behind the service line.

The first team to 10 points wins.


Players are allowed have to catch the ball instead of digging the ball before passing or throwing the ball over.

The coach calls out different number combinations allowing for more players on the court at the same time.

5. 3 vs 3 Continuous

This simple game is a great way to get kids moving and reacting to the ball in a game-like scenario.

How to set it up

Start by dividing the group into 2 teams.

Have each team get in 3 lines at opposite ends of the court.

How it works

Players can catch, pass, and throw the ball to their teammates for a maximum of 3 touches before the ball has to go over the net.

Players will play in groups of 3 at a time. When the coach yells "GO", the first groups of 3 run onto the court and play out the game.

They can pass the ball to their teammates with the 3rd person who receives the ball must throw it over the net.

As soon as a team wins a point, players return to the back of the line and a new group of 3 enters.

Players who have the ball cannot move. Play for 4-5 minutes then switch the teams.


You can have more than 3 players on the court at one time (teams of 5 or 6).

The ball is allowed to bounce once before catching it.

The first touch from your team has to be a dig or a set (can't catch it).

Instead of throwing the ball over the net, players must spike it over on the third touch.


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